Updated 12/16/2019

Here’s the FAQ page to help you with general questions about the event so you have a GREAT experience at Crystal Ball Masquerade.

Will the drink prices be increased since it is New Year’s?
NO. The drink prices are the same price as they are every day of the year. We don’t raise prices on our drinks just because we have a signature or special event happening.

Is there a bar in the ballroom?
YES. In fact the bar in the ballroom is the largest bar of the three venues! We’ll have plenty of bartenders on hand in Enso, Unicorn Club, and IDL Ballroom so you don’t spend as much time trying to get a drink and spend more time ringing in the New Year! Plus, VIP have their own area to get their champagne from this year!

What is the dress attire?
This is a formal event. Our colors are black, white, silver, gold with Stoli Vodka red accents. Dress to impress and no blue jeans please.

Will there be a coat check?
YES. Coat check will be available for only $5.00 per coat (complimentary for VIP). This is a cash only service! Same price as last year. Where is coat check? Coat check is just past the entry of IDL Ballroom.

Management is not liable for loss or damages to property stored as a result of fire, theft, ordinary or gross negligence or otherwise unless it is proven that the loss or damage was caused by willful act or misappropriation on the part of the custodian or employees. If the property is not called for within posted operating hours, the property will be secured until the next day of opening. The property cannot be retrieved while the check area is closed.

Is there a cap on the number of tickets sold?
YES. There are a finite number of tickets available to attend Crystal Ball.  This event sells out before the party every year. So purchase your ticket in advance!

Should I buy my tickets soon?
YES. Last year this event sold out the week of the event. Based on current interest, we will sell out before the event. VIP sections are available for groups of 2 or more in even numbers.

What’s included in a VIP package?
We have packages for groups of 2 or more. Contact Matt Eidson [meidson@idlballroom.com]. Based on the number of people in your VIP package, VIP packages include:

1. Entry to the event
2. Complimentary coat check
3. Complimentary commemorative Crystal Ball NYE champagne flute
4. Guaranteed and designated seating
5. A complimentary bottle of champagne per two guests available at our exclusive Bubbly Bar
6. A deluxe masquerade mask for each person.
Check out our VIP page for additional information.

Isn’t it the same party every year? 

NO. Ticket prices stay the same, but our goodies get better and better every year. We change our layout, change up our furniture & crystals, add more masks, and change our entertainment lineup every year. That’s why we are the longest-running, biggest and BEST NYE PARTY AROUND! Don’t be fooled by the imitators…this is THE party to be at!

What kind of seating is the guaranteed and designated seating for VIPs?
The seating is varied by section. In Enso, it’s our big couches and bistro tables, and in Unicorn Club it’s all the raised sections, with tables and chairs, and couches. In the ballroom, we’re bringing in cool couches and white leather chairs for the sections. The event layout and design is spectacular this year with crystals galore.

Is there seating available for General Admission ticket holders?

Yes and no. There are a limited number of barstools available in Enso, Unicorn Club and IDL Ballroom. There is no reserved seating for anything other than VIP.

How do I buy a VIP package? I only see links to buy General Admission tickets.
Contact TBA

Wait, I can’t find the links to buy General Admission tickets. What’s the link?
General Admission Tickets
Tickets are $35.00* each or can be purchased for $30.00* each when you buy in pairs, (*plus service fees).  Doors for this event are at 9:00pm. This is a 21+ event. This is a rain or shine event. No Refunds.

What do the masks look like?
Masks are available online for you to view and help make a choice that fits your personality. CLICK TO VIEW MASKS. There are 11 styles in an array of colors for the GA ticketholders. And there are 16 additional styles in an array of colors for VIP ticketholders. These are quality masks whether you hold a GA ticket or VIP. The only difference is VIP deluxe masks have a larger assortment to choose from with more elaborate designs.

Do I have to wear a mask?
NO. It it not required to wear a mask, but you do receive a complimentary mask with your admission. So, we encourage you to participate and put yours on and ring in the New Year with style and panache. Ooooh, big word, panache, get some shuuz in your step!

Can I bring my own mask that I got somewhere else or made myself?
ABSOLUTELY! Stand out from the rest by wearing your own creation or something you found at that cool little shop when you were on vacation. Many people like to have something totally unique and we’re all for it. We just provide the complimentary masks for those who don’t feel like making something or going shopping for something that may be hard to find or rather expensive at most places for the type and quality of masks we provide.

Can I buy my ticket by just coming to the event and buying at the door?
That will all depend on if we sell out or not before the event. Last four years we did sell out the week of the event, and it is strongly advised to buy your ticket in advance or risk dressing up with no place to go on New Year’s Eve.

Date: Tuesday, December 31st, 2019
Time: 9:00pm – 1:30am
Cost: $35.00 per person or $60.00 for couples, VIP packages start at $200.00 for 2 guests ($100/ea)
Age: 21+

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