NYE 2021 Update

We waited until the very last minute to make our final decision about our annual Crystal Ball New Year’s Eve event. Due to Governor Stitt’s ruling to extend the Oklahoma curfew for restaurants, bars, nightclubs and venues to close by 11pm until Jan. 19, 2021, coupled with mask mandates and all the other issues surrounding covid19, we simply cannot produce the quality level of experience we expect of our Crystal Ball NYE event. Having so many covid19 mandated restrictions to worry about while trying to celebrate and then having to have guests out of the building by 11pm seems to us to miss the whole point of our patrons celebrating bringing in the New Year, and this just doesn’t give our patrons the experience we have cultivated over the past decade. We will make lemonade though and look at this as an opportunity for our staff to have NYE off for the first time in over 10 years so they can enjoy small celebrations safely at home.

While we are saddened to have to cancel this year, we wish all of you a great NYE and wish for you to stay safe, healthy and happy, and we’ll see you next year! So ready for 2021!

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